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    Terms in Udne

    • Oudhna, Tunisia
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      Terms in Udne - it ruins of ancient public baths dating back to Roman times. Baths are located in Tunis, on the territory of the ancient city Udna.

      Baths, as well as many other buildings in Udne, were built by the Romans in about the second century AD. In ancient times, these ancient baths have been concentrating public life of the city - they enjoyed everything the residents. Baths take a substantial area and was one of the largest buildings in the entire Udne. Unfortunately, up to now remained very bad terms - most of them today is the ruins. However, the atmosphere of antiquity attracted to this historic monument of many tourists. 

      Also near the Baths are many other attractions udny - ancient Capitol, the well-preserved amphitheater, as well as the remains of an ancient aqueduct that supplied water to ancient times in the legendary Carthage.

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