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    Souq el-Attarine

    • Kasbah, Tunisia
    • Souq el-Attarine$$
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    • Souk El Attarine - fragrant world, which originated in the XIII century. when rulers of the Hafsids. Since its inception, he has specialized in the sale of perfumes and incense. Stores that sell spices, aromatic esentsyyamі and candles, herbs, wax and henna, are the walls of the Great Mosque. This location is no accident. During the birth of market entrance to the chapel was open only to representatives of the noble professions, which include perfumes. This prestigious location for luxury goods.

      The range here is not so varied as in the old days - the market traded mostly cosmetic. However, today you can buy expensive perfumes or order a unique aromatic blend as well as experience the atmosphere of traditional Eastern Bazaar.

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