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    Ruins of Carthage

    • Carthage, Tunisia
    • Ruins of Carthage$$
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      Carthage - the legendary city that formed the colonists Phoenicians in 841 BC According to legend, the colonists were invited to take as much territory as it can limit the skin of the bull. The Phoenicians took the case very cleverly by cutting the skin of the bull in the incredibly thin strips and tie them together: thus, they were able to take a very large area.

      Since then, it was believed that they formed the citadel are people who have the ability to handle cases that can not hold. The city is very fast evolving, the incredible beauty of architectural structures. Later, he grew up in a whole state. The Carthaginians were successful conquest, but they once failed. Carthage was destroyed in 146g. BC Since then, he, too, has not regretted and time, but despite this, the ruins of which are left over from the legendary city, amaze tourists and visitors.

      The architectural monument is one of the few testimonies of how people lived before our era, which created beautiful buildings which dominated the culture of their time. This is a unique place that allows you to also look at the history, plunge into the past and present great conquerors and the people who still while perfectly able to do business. These ancient ruins tell a lot about the time and lives of people in ancient times. They gave modern humans valuable knowledge about the history rights and are the most beautiful monuments of this history.

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