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    Beaches Sidi Bou Said

    • Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia
    • Beaches Sidi Bou Said$$
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      This town - a real treasure Andalusian in which everyone should definitely visit at least once in their lives. The special charm of this city is able to capture the imagination. Each building in the city are painted white and fancy windows and doors - in blue. Each house - not just your own, completely unique pattern on the door, but also has its own special story. Such unity of color solutions of the urban environment is not connected with the fact that people copy each other's ideas - Just like the voice of justice. None resident of the law can not change the color of the facade of his house. Otherwise, he will be forced to go to live in another place, and already there to give free rein to their creativity.

      The atmosphere in Sidi Bou Said are nice and easy, which has long walks and relaxing holiday by the sea. Many even want to stay forever in this town.

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