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    Belvedere Park

    • Tunis, Tunisia
    • Belvedere Park$$
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      Belvedere Park - the largest park in Tunisia, built in 1892, designed by Joseph Lafasada, who held the post of chief gardener then Paris. Park has kindly provided his magical space of endless green array, which includes yourself 80 species of plants and more than 230 thousand trees, typical representatives of the African fauna that live in the zoo.

      In addition to the animals that are very popular with tourists, the zoo, located in the southern part of the park, leaning against an artificial lake and old Midha (room for ablutions) XVII century, which was moved here from Medina in 1900

      In the center is the famous Belvedere alebastravyh gazebo Kubba - a monument of ancient Arab architecture, at the same time and place of rest, and an observation deck. Interesting architecture gazebo: Italian white marble columns with Doric capitals, Moorish-Spanish moldings and Tunisian ceramics.

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