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    Park "1001 Nights"

    • Bilad al Hadar, Tunisia
    • Park "1001 Nights"$$
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      Park "1001 Nights" - the park where the characters come alive Arabian Nights, familiarity with which occurs under whose laughter and crunching skulls, which are carried by dark - dark dungeon, where actually is familiar with the release of a number of huge amount of adrenaline. Fear is under the control of 40 thieves who are waiting for Ali Baba.

      The only character that certainly should not be afraid - 3-meter Jin, with the right approach to which you can get the fulfillment of desire. By the way, the code for the entrance to the cave, oddly enough, sounds like "Open Sesame".

      To the east gate of the same fairy tale come to life guards with halberds in their hands will miss you for a smile. Smiling, do not forget to watch from the bridge to the ship Sinbad seafarers.

      Of passed tests to congratulate you on the great sultan. Sprawled in a room decorated with precious fabrics, it is, as before, enthusiastically listened to the story of Scheherazade wise.

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