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    Djerba Island

    • El May, Tunisia
    • Djerba Island$$
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    • Djerba is the southernmost resort region of the country. From here you can reach the mainland by ferry, which takes you in 10 minutes or take the domestic flight for 50 minutes.

      On the island of Djerba rightly be compared to the famous Tahiti, only the Mediterranean.
      Scattered throughout the island villages and small towns. Local artisans famous craftsmanship of ceramic vessels and ўzorystyh carpets. There is also a famous synagogue fungus, which is one of the oldest in the world. It was founded in the 6th century BC, history buffs will be interested to explore the XVI century Spanish fort and fishing port.

      The climate on Djerba is very soft, so the rest on this island, you can almost throughout the year. Climatic conditions are simply unique, this phenomenon of nature. The hottest month of the year - August and 29 degrees, and in the cold January when the temperature drops to 12, and the difference is very small. In December, Djerba lush white and purple flowers blooming almonds and oranges ripen new crop. This amazing island is literally immersed in the greenery of lush gardens, and still here grow amazing lotus flowers.

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