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    National Museum of Bardo

    • Bardo Museum, Tunisia
    • National Museum of Bardo$$
    • +216 1513650
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      National Museum of Bardo - the richest collection of mosaics in the world, arranged in chronological order in 50 thematic rooms devoted to the prehistoric epoch, the epoch of the Punic Wars and Carthage, as well as Roman, Christian and Arab-Muslim period. Found valuable artifacts from multi-colored marble tunіskіya archaeologists in the XIX and XX century. One of the most interesting exhibits - Achcholskaya mosaic II century. No less interesting and amazing that a resident of the museum - a huge altar «Hermaion», made 40,000 years ago.

      In addition to the mosaics, the museum preserves ancient sculptures and other archaeological finds.
      All the exhibits are located in the ornate palace of Dar Hussein, built in the VIII century.

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