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    To National Park Jebel Shamba

    • Dashrat Zawiyat Sidi Salih, Tunisia
    • To National Park Jebel Shamba$$
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    • Gore-Shamba (in English. Djebel Chambi) - Reserve, which is also a national park, located in Tunis. The reserve was created in 1977. The reserve is part of the Mont de Tebessa - local forest. It is located between the city and abroad with Kasriynom Algeria.

      The total area of ​​the park Gore-Shamba is 437.23 square kilometers. Its territory is Mount Gore-Shamba - one of the highest points in Tunisia, hence the name of the park. The height of the mountain Jebel Shamba, that is part of the Atlas reaches 1544 meters above sea level.

      On the reserve lives a rare species of gazelles Gazella cuvieri. In addition, you can see mouflon, wild boar, hares, foxes and spotted hyenas. Of birds can be found such representatives as partridge, common buzzards, peregrine falcon and hawk eagles. 

      Or the national park was established ecological museum. It is located at the main entrance to the reserve. In addition, the park are the ruins of ancient buildings that were used during the time of the Protectorate.

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