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    Medina in Kairouan

    • Kairouan, Tunisia
    • Medina in Kairouan$$
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      In Medina, Kairouan are magnificent historical monuments and tourist attractions, including the Grand Mosque - an architectural masterpiece that served as a model for the establishment of several other famous mosques of the Maghreb - the Arab countries, located to the west of Egypt. Also here is the Three Doors Mosque, which is the oldest living sculptural ensemble of Islamic art.

      Among the other attractions of the Medina Kairouan can distinguish Aghlabid Pool in Kairouan - an ancient source of water created from two interconnected tanks still in the IX century. The fountain is one of the most beautiful plants that supply water city. Also in the medina of Kairouan have a large market where you can buy handmade souvenirs, gold ornaments and products.

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