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    Mosque of al-Zeitun

    • Kasbah, Tunisia
    • Mosque of al-Zeitun$$
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      Mosque of al-Zeitoun (olive Mosque) - the largest and oldest mosque in the capital. According to the legend, at the place where the temple when grown olive tree and it was under him was her first preacher and founder. Construction of the mosque began in 698 m at the head omeyadskom Abeid 'Abd-Allaah ibn al-Habbabe. During its existence, the mosque has gone through many transformations and changes. Its present form it has acquired in the XVII century when Husaynid.

      The prayer hall with 15 naves has 184 columns with ancient capitals. Mihrab, which is located under the main dome - a masterpiece of oriental wood carvers. The left side of the courtyard is also a library, built in 1450-51 years. When Abu Omar Othman. Also a patio decorated minaret, tiled. Courtyard - the only thing possible to view non-Muslims.

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