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    Fortress Ribat in Sousse

    • Sousse, Tunisia
    • Fortress Ribat in Sousse$$
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      Ribat - old fort (built 787-821 years.), Who has a square shape with a semi-circular towers at the four corners. One of the priority assignments Ribat - protecting Muslims from attacks Berber tribes from the land and from attack from the sea and warlike Gentile Christians. Guarded Ribat Murabitun - monks volunteers, so deserving a place in paradise. Along with the defense, the fortress played the role of refuge for travelers and traders who were in danger.

      From the courtyard you can get into a lot of cells caused by porticos and a prayer hall. After the construction of the Kasbah fortress gradually lost its military purpose.

      From the guard tower Ribat Khalifa opens a tempting view of the four cardinal directions: posing Medina Grand Mosque, the old city, a seaport.

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