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    Temple of Water

    • Zaghouan, Tunisia
    • Temple of Water$$
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      Water Temple - one of the most popular temples in the world, erected in honor of the water. By and large, it's not even a temple, rather just a big fountain, from which once flowed drinking water, floating more than 70 kilometers; moisture comes in Carthage.

      The temple was beautiful and majestic: it was decorated with 12 statues of nymphs, which symbolize the month. Unfortunately, none of the nymph not survived, and from the temple in ruins. But despite this injustice, the church still has the magic force that energy, which attracts a lot of tourists.

      Wonderful surroundings of the temple: solid colors and wild plants, powerful trees, sun and mountain air, flies to the construction of a number of mountains lying Zigvan, which gave way, the name of the town. Gore can not boast of size (1295 m.) But beauty it does not hold, as well as everything that grows, flies and smells in the vicinity of the temple.

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