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    • Al Hammamat, Tunisia
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      The city's name is associated with the Arabic term "hammam", which stands for the bath. The city stretches along the coast and attracts travelers with its olive groves and yazmіnavae, blooming orange and lemon orchards. In Hammamet, you can walk for hours by a magnificent park, wide beach. Popular with tourists enjoy the thalassotherapy centers.

      Hammamet - a real pride in the resort area of ​​Tunisia, here prefer to rest many world-famous artists and other celebrities. The resort area of ​​the city has a length of about 14 km, it stretches along the coast. Although sufficiently small population is only about 90 thousand people, Hammamet served by two international airports, located in nearby towns and Tunisia Monastery.

      The climatic conditions here are just amazing - the climate is mild subtropical, Mediterranean type. By the Romans attributed to him special medicinal properties. In winter, temperatures rarely drop below 12 degrees, and in summer is around + 23 / + 35 The sky above Hammamet almost always rosy. In addition to the unique climate, this city is simply immersed in the greenery. This has been achieved through expert development management, which provides the height of buildings no higher than the cypresses. The beaches are clean, sand on them is small and delicate, in water no corals or algae. The atmosphere in Hammamet calm and even a little conservative, which attracts crowds of European tourists, which the city can take no less than 42,000 at the same time.

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