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    City ancient Romans Dougga

    • Tabursuq, Tunisia
    • City ancient Romans Dougga$$
    • +216 78 466 721
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      City of the ancient Romans on a hill at an altitude of 571 meters in the north-western part of Tunisia. This amazing historical monument area of ​​75 hectares can not attract attention - because he is a testament to a history semnadtsativekovoy people. The buildings date back to Dougga III - II centuries BC.

      On the example of the ancient ruins of Dougga can imagine the daily life of its inhabitants. There are many monuments, among which are the mausoleum Atebana Capitol, the Temple of Saturn, Temple of Juno Celeste, theater, triumphal arch Septymіya North, Cyclops terms, terms of Licinius and Trifolium. It is worth noting that the terms, public house and even public toilets are preserved in Dougga much better houses. In the central square of the city, which had previously been surrounded by shopping arcade, so then, full of life, though, and travel.

      Today in duggiyskom with well-preserved theater stage and auditorium annual festivals of ancient drama.

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