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    Carpet Factory

    • Kairouan, Tunisia
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      City Kayrun in Tunisia, in addition to the monuments of Islam, is famous for its carpets. The whole area of ​​the city, the Kasbah, which is home of the family, whose work has been manufacturing kayruanskie carpets. This area is also known in the world as the "carpet factory."

      It produces only "Kairouan" - Lumpy carpet, which first appeared in Tunisia in the XIX century. This "Kairouan" should be "hard" and must contain between 100 000 and 200 000 knots per square meter. Patterns on carpets, following the old eastern samples up of medallions and figures climbing plants.

      In Kairouan you can see hundreds of beautiful carpets made of wool pile with vuzelchykavaya - "Zarb" and "allyusha" short vorsom- "mergum" as well as carpets, but nebolshie- "kilims", silk carpets and Berber with vuzelchykavaya pile, with simple, but very original ornament and color.

      All carpets atestuyutstsa ONAT (National Bureau of Tunisian artisans), they also appointed market price. The price depends on the size of the carpet, the number of nodes per square meter, and the complexity of the pattern and the material from which it is produced.

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