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    Village of Tatooine

    • Tataouine, Tunisia
    • Village of Tatooine$$
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      Fans of "Star Wars" are well aware that such Tatuіn - it's almost languid planet, where he was born Jedi Luke Skywalker. Most dedicated fans "wars" also know that Tatuіn - is not only the planet, but also a small village in Tunisia, after which George Lucas and Lucas called home. Obviously, he was attracted desert landscapes, really looks like a alien.

      In the same places that inspired the director «Star Wars», were filmed on the planet Tatuіn caves, as well as some other scenes - such as, for example, the scene of the battle of the Jedi Qui-Gonny and Darth Maul.

      Many of the sets that are used in the shooting process, and to this day remain in the Tunisian village - its inhabitants, though for the most part and did not see one of the most famous sagas of the 20th century, however, understand better the impact on sensitive European heart and from which it can benefit.

      Not far from Tatuіn opened a small hotel built on the basis of Luke's house - it can be quite budget stay, go to a restaurant or bar - all at a very human cost.

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