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    Most Tunisian synagogue

    • Bab Khadra, Tunisia
    • Most Tunisian synagogue$$
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      Great Synagogue of Tunis - a strange building, built in the XX century. The idea to create a home of the Jewish religion was first proposed by explorer Giacomo Castelnuovo, however, his vision of the synagogue in the Roman-Byzantine style, not relished, replaced Project wise Viktor Walesa.

      Synagogue, the construction of which lasted 5 years, was destroyed during the Six-Day War and rebuilt in 1996.

      On the facade of the building shows the Star of David from the four lettered tetragram - YHWH, which stands for the name of the Lord neapіsalnyh in Judaism.

      Major Tunisian Synagogue - a holy place for all Jews, so it is annually visited by Jewish pilgrims from around the world. After the revolution, the house is under the supervision of law enforcement, so here it is necessary to behave and not to seek cultural portray the building at the camera.

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