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    Amphitheatre of El Jem

    • Mu`tamadiyat al Jamm, Tunisia
    • Amphitheatre of El Jem$$
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    • Amphitheatre of El Jem - an architectural giant, built in 238 by order of the governor of Gordian Elder. Only slightly inferior to the Colosseum of Rome in size, it is no less graceful and majestic. The walls of the Coliseum mosaic depicting jumping riders hunters and persecuted them beasts. The dead were sacrificed to the gods. Wild beasts, which are released into the arena, dedicated to the gods: the lion and the bull - Saturn and Juno, panther - Dyyanіsu bear - Diana.

      Until the XVII century amphitheater remained virtually untouched. It was only later it began to use the stones for the construction of the Grand mosque in Kairouan. Finally Tunisian Colosseum was destroyed in the XIX century as a result of shelling by the time the next unrest in Tunisia.

      Now in the stone halls of silence and desolation. But even in such a state of the Colosseum of El Jem - the best preserved of all such facilities. For visitors access an entire underground city, which is under a hundred-meter arena of El Jem. There are cages for wild animals, gladiators storage, cameras for quick cleaning bodies from the scene.

      Every year in summer the festival of classical music in the open air.

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