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    Airport Djerba Zarzis,

    • Mellita, Tunisia
    • Airport Djerba Zarzis,$$
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      Djerba Zarzis Airport-- one of the largest major airports south-eastern part of Tunisia. It has an area of ​​295 hectares, and its ridership is 4 million people a year.

      The airport was built in 1970 to improve the attractiveness of the peninsula Zarzis in terms of tourism. It is used to transport tourists to the region of southern Tunisia. This is a major artery of Tunisia since traveling with Tunisia or monastery to Djerba the machine is very tiring. In the summer of Tunis airport to Djerba valid up to 5 flights daily. The flight takes one and a half hours with takeoff and landing.

      Like all tunіskіya airport, this airport is managed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and airports in Tunisia. It has two terminals areas 73000 and 57000 square meters.

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