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    Beaches Skanes

    Skanes beautiful Tunisian resort which stretches along the coast over 6km This resort area offers a varied vacation from the vibrant nightlife with a variety of nightclubs to suit every taste cozy outdoor cafes   with coffee hookah strange

    Ruins of Carthage

    Carthage the legendary city that formed the colonists Phoenicians in 841 BC According to legend the colonists were invited to take as much territory as it can limit the skin of the bull The Phoenicians took the case very cleverly by cutting  the

    Amphitheatre of El Jem

    Amphitheatre of El Jem an architectural giant built in 238 by order of the governor of Gordian Elder Only slightly inferior to the Colosseum of Rome in size it is no less graceful and majestic The walls of the Coliseum mosaic depicting jumping

    Souq el-Attarine

    Souk El Attarine fragrant world which originated in the XIII century when rulers of the Hafsids Since its inception he has specialized in the sale of perfumes and incense Stores that sell spices aromatic  esentsyyamі and candles herbs wax and

    National Park Ishkel

    Ishkel National Park the main stopping point on the way hundreds of thousands of migratory birds that fly to Africa for the winter Which is here brackish lake Ishkel is their natural manger (including river and lake inhabitants eel mullet   sea

    Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul

    Cathedral of St Vincent de Paul the largest building of the colonial period preserved in Tunisia It was named after the priest Vincent de Paul the founder of men's and women's Congregation of the Mission Congregation of the Daughters of Charity

    National Museum of Bardo

    National Museum of Bardo the richest collection of mosaics in the world arranged in chronological order in 50 thematic rooms devoted to the prehistoric epoch the epoch of the Punic Wars and Carthage as well as Roman Christian and Arab Muslim period

    Belvedere Park

    Belvedere Park the largest park in Tunisia built in 1892 designed by Joseph Lafasada who held the post of chief gardener then Paris Park has kindly provided his magical space of endless green array which includes  yourself 80 species of plants

    Temple of Water

    Water Temple one of the most popular temples in the world erected in honor of the water By and large it's not even a temple rather just a big fountain from which once flowed drinking water floating more than 70 kilometers moisture comes in Carthage

    "Golf Citrus"

    Golf Citrus this is an excellent site sent softest grass beautiful scenery designed to inspire and create a tier service for golfers excellent conditions for your favorite sport Try to get the ball into one of the holes 45 may however  
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