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    Pool Aghlabids

    • /en/page/bassejn-aglabidov
    Aghlabid dynasty that ruled in the 9th century leaving the memory of itself is a miracle of engineering and construction of thought a huge water storage tanks For dry Kairouan these pools were a real salvation Before survived only 2  container... attractions, Cultural objects

    Mosque of Sidi Okba (the Great Mosque)

    • /en/page/mechet-sidi-okba-bolshaya- ...
    Sidi Okba the oldest Mosque of Kairouan It was built in 670 and was small in size However later rebuilt several times and expanded Today it is a rectangular structure the length of the parallel walls is 120 meters Mean  Mosque exterior... attractions, Cultural objects

    Mosque of the Three Doors

    • /en/page/mechet-treh-dverej
    One of the most important religious buildings of the old town of Kairouan Mosque of the Three Doors It was built in 866 on the money of the rich Spanish merchant Muhammad ibn Harun al Mafiri The main feature of the mosque three doors one of... attractions, Cultural objects

    Large gate Bab el-Shuada

    • /en/page/bolshie-vorota-bab-esh-shu ...
    From the new to the old city, Medina, you can get through a large gate Bab el Shuada. To the right of them is the tomb (zauyya) Sidi el Garyani. A nearby - a vital source of Kairouan - well Bir Barut.... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Mosque barber

    • /en/page/mechet-bradobreya
    In the old town of Kairouan Mosque is a barber Here is buried Abu Jama al Balawi (Sidi Zahib) personal barber of the Prophet Muhammad It is believed that in the crypt houses the relic the three hairs from the beard of the Prophet The interiors  ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Carpet Factory

    • /en/page/fabrika-kovrov
    City Kayrun in Tunisia in addition to the monuments of Islam is famous for its carpets The whole area of ​​the city the Kasbah which is home of the family whose work has been manufacturing kayruanskie carpets This area is also known in the world as... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Medina in Kairouan

    • /en/page/medina-v-kajruane
    In Medina Kairouan are magnificent historical monuments and tourist attractions including the Grand Mosque an architectural masterpiece that served as a model for the establishment of several other famous mosques of the Maghreb the Arab countries... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Aghlabides Basins #Kairouan فسقية الأغالبة

    • /en/page/aghlabides-basins-kairouan ...

    Bir Barrouta

    • /en/page/bir-barrouta

    Mosquée zaafrani

    • /en/page/mosque-zaafrani
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