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    Beaches Skanes

    Skanes beautiful Tunisian resort which stretches along the coast over 6km This resort area offers a varied vacation from the vibrant nightlife with a variety of nightclubs to suit every taste cozy outdoor cafes   with coffee hookah strange

    Temple of Water

    Water Temple one of the most popular temples in the world erected in honor of the water By and large it's not even a temple rather just a big fountain from which once flowed drinking water floating more than 70 kilometers moisture comes in Carthage

    "Golf Citrus"

    Golf Citrus this is an excellent site sent softest grass beautiful scenery designed to inspire and create a tier service for golfers excellent conditions for your favorite sport Try to get the ball into one of the holes 45 may however  

    Beaches Port El Kantaoui

    Beaches Port El Kantaoui one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia gorgeous landscapes incomparable sand (inferior in quality sand coastline only Mahdi) blue sea with crystal clear water and clean port filled with luxury yachts lots of fun 

    Shaw «Al Zahra»

    Shaw «Al Zahra» majestic laser sight designed with the help of light sound and actors talk about the 3000 year history of Tunisia feel the depth of its development including how interesting and tragic moments Touching acting highly professional 

    Fortress Ribat in Sousse

    Ribat old fort (built 787 821 years ) Who has a square shape with a semi circular towers at the four corners One of the priority assignments Ribat protecting Muslims from attacks Berber tribes from the land and from attack from the sea and warlike

    Mahdia Beach

    • 0.02 км
    Mahdi is popular with tourists because of its beaches with white sand Usually there is not crowded so this area will feel comfortable lovers of secluded relaxation as well as for a relaxing family vacation    Stretched along the coast for three

    Beaches Sousse

    Sousse is classified as ancient cities which can be proud of its very respectable age It was founded by the Phoenicians in the IX century BC as a city colony The city's name in the language of Phoenician sounded different Hadrumetum Over time the


    The city's name is associated with the Arabic term hammam which stands for the bath The city stretches along the coast and attracts travelers with its olive groves and yazmіnavae blooming orange and lemon orchards In Hammamet you can walk for

    Beaches Nabeul

    Nabeul is located 7 km north of Hammamet This city was founded in the IV BC e and the former name sounded different then the town was called Neapolis Modern Nabeul famous traditional Andalusian cuisine as well as quite good  wines that are
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