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    Oasis Shebika

    Oasis Shebika considered among the 10 most beautiful oasis of peace It is surrounded by barren fields mountains and the desert and he in spite of all the elements gurgling streams and cool surprises bright green Shebika the first of the mountain

    Hotel Dar Dhief Guentri

    Metlaoui Station

    Fatih Sultan Mehmet Koprusu

    Lake Chott El Jerid

    Lake Chott El Jerid a huge (5 7 thousand sq Km ) Almost dead space in pink and blue framed salt During the rainy season is filled with water and forms a salt lake in the summer on the contrary is almost completely dry Limitless salt desert insanely

    Park "1001 Nights"

    • 2.05 км
    Park 1001 Nights the park where the characters come alive Arabian Nights familiarity with which occurs under whose laughter and crunching skulls which are carried by dark dark dungeon where actually is familiar with the release of a number of huge

    Oasis Nefta

    Oil the capital of the Sahara located near the border of Algeria This is an amazing oasis here grows more than half a million date palms Such vegetation in the middle of the sun scorched land appeared thanks to the numerous springs which have close

    Chott el Garza

    Chott el Garza it byasstsekavae dry salt lake located primarily in Tunisia Different parts of the lake have their names Shot Maze SFA Kriskhat Sgat Shot and Shot er Rahim The main inflow of fresh water lake gives Wadi El  Melachim located in the

    Salt Lake

    Salt Lake in Tunisia are the largest representatives of its kind in the world Their area exceeds 7 000 square meters Almost all year round with rare exceptions there is no water in the lakes and then the tourists gets mysterious the extent to which

    Park "Chak-Wak"

    • 1.39 км
    City Tauzer in Tunisia is famous for its unusual architecture and good infrastructure Also here is the famous park museum Chak Wak jokingly referred to as history manuals Losers Park museum Chak Wak called because  indoor exhibition halls here
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